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About us

Ineke MoermanIneke Moerman is in charge of the concept Vitally Grown. She is active in the field-staff of Acqua Universo. Vitally growing in agriculture has her heart and offers many renewing possibilities. Experiences and the latest developments is what she takes to the companies she visits and if necessary, she will clarify them on location.

Remy MoschRemy Mosch, founder of Acqua Universo, is coach/sparring partner and therapist. Together with IM he shapes the concept Vitally Grown. If necessary he will go to a grower/cultivator to track down the right path. Besides that he offers assistance to people who visit his practice in thinking “in possibilities” and continue their path. In this matter autonomy and both physical and emotional “tenability” are the most important.

Gabriëlle MoschGabriëlle Mosch is co-founder of Acqua Universo. She can tell you everything about vitalised water and the activities that are being organized with or around it. Also she administers the websites and organizes marketing and communication for Vital Water, Vitally Grown and Vital Product.

Greet Arkesteijn

Greet Arkesteijn is back-office to Acqua Universo. From the very beginning she has been involved in the spreading of vital water. She knows everything about contracts, invoices, administration, conditions etc.

Hèrold HaringHèrold Haring