Acqua Universo - Make your own vital water!

Make your own vital water!

With the help of a Vitaliser you can improve the vitality of the water running from your tap. The vitaliser makes sure that the water gets a good structure. It does not add anything, but it reorganizes the water. It works as follows: water from the water tap runs through the vitaliser and takes over the vital vibration. Vital water now runs from your tap.

Easy to install

There are several vitalisers, developed according to the newest technology. All vitalisers are easy to install on the water conduit in the meter cupboard. They do not need any maintenance and do not use up any electricity. At Acqua Universo, you can choose the vitaliser that fits you. It is also possible to pick out your vitaliser during a measuring of electrosmog in your home or at work.