Acqua Universo - Why vital water?

Why vital water?

Water is of vital importance. Without it, we can not live. So we turn open the tap and have a glass. Fine! But do you know that the water coming from your tap is very different from the crystal-clear water from a natural source? Our tap water has been purified –many times– however its vitality leaves a lot to be desired. The harmful substances have been taken out, but have left their trace. We purify water with chemicals, but forget to vitalise it. And then we also have the burdening effects of ground pollution, air pollution and electrosmog (because of cell phone masts, mobile phones and satellites). The water loses even more of its vitality.

Vital water

Vital water is good for our health in many ways. It is how water is supposed to be, with a well organised structure (natural fern structure). Vital water is a good alternative to keep body and spirit in balance. Vital water contributes to make you feel good!