Acqua Universo - Experiences


"First, there was a lot of negativity, no one felt well. After that, nothing but positive reactions, it really was effective, emotionally as well as physically." - B.v.L.

"No more itching after I have taken my shower. The quality of the water is soft and 'round'." - A.K.

"I think that my consciousness has improved a lot." - T.K.

"I suffer less from hay fever; I do not need to take any more meds. I don’t have any more problems with my scalp. Before, I had to wash my hair on a daily basis, otherwise I couldn’t stop scratching, and it itched really badly. Now, I don’t have this problem anymore! The water is purifying, supporting and honest!" - M.W.

"Vital water bursts with vitality. Flowers can be kept longer, the water in the vase remains clean for a longer time. Our grandson of 1.5 year’s old is a really fussy drinker, but at our place, he loves to drink Roosvicee (mixed with tap water). I, myself, have had surgery and had to stay at the hospital for 3 days. I brought along plenty of bottles filled with vital water from home. To get the morphine and painkillers out of my body as fast as possible. I recovered very well!" - W.v.d.P.