Acqua Universo - Experiences


"I felt very relaxed at first. Taking a bath has become something amazing, and the energy in my home feels great." - N.K.

"There are fewer lime residues in my water boiler and the water doesn’t foam anymore when it comes out of the tap. It stays clear for a longer time, when you leave it in a bottle. We are very happy with our vitaliser."
L. Mosch-Rijkhoff, Schipluiden

"I am in better shape; I am physically and emotionally stronger. The atmosphere in the house improved. Nothing but praise." - L.H.

"Since we’ve been drinking this water, we have less tartar. Our hair is softer and our skin is less dry. Even our resistance has improved. The water in the pond is clearer and the plants are shooting up!" - I.D.

"I drink more water than before. My body yearns for it. It has stimulated my personal growth."
L. Snijders, Den Hoorn