Acqua Universo - Experiences


"It seems like we all have better contact with ourselves!" - E.v.B.

"From the moment that the vitaliser was installed, a lot has changed. I feel that I have become more conscious about my way of life. I like to be at home and really enjoy it after spending the day elsewhere. All that energy, taking a nice shower, drinking the water. I feel more harmonious." - I.P.

"We drink more water and waste less. We take the water everywhere we go." - H.B.

"Fantastic." - A.N.

"We have now had a vitaliser for 5 months and I have experienced more peace and quiet in my head and body ever since the vitaliser has been installed. While I take a shower I relax and this makes me feel good."
Joke van der Helm, Berkel en Rodenrijs